Professionals in façade panel and brick cutting

  • Fully automated cutting machines
  • State-of-the-art wet cutting technology
  • Lowest defect rate in the Baltic region
  • Over 10 years of experience
  • Fast and precise work
  • Competitive price
  • Short lead times
  • More than 1,450 happy clients

    10+ years’ experience
    11+ million cut bricks
    < 3% brick cracks/defects
    150+ km of cut panels
    1,450+ happy clients

    About us

    Since 2013, UAB Deisida has been providing professional factory cutting services for façade panels, stoneware tiles, and all types of bricks. We carry out cutting works in our production premises in Garliava, Kaunas district. We use state-of-the-art automated cutting machines with wet cutting technology for brick cutting. We process the edges of the façade panels manually and, if necessary, impregnate them. We have a team of experienced staff who can ensure that the work is carried out quickly and accurately. We always strive for the best result for the client – precise cuts, perfectly smooth edges and sides, optimized yields, and the shortest possible lead times.

    UAB Deisida is

    a member of the Builders’ Association

    Brick cutting

    We cut all types of bricks – for example clinker, cobblestones, stoneware, aged, clay – from the thinnest to the thickest, as well as bricks of different composition and degrees of hardness. We use fully-automated, high-performance industrial machines with advanced wet cutting technology.


      Cutting façade panels

      We cut and calibrate façade panels of all types and thicknesses such as fiber cement, HPL, MDF and veneer. If required, we can drill the necessary holes in the panels according to your drawings, and we can manually machine and impregnate the edges.


        Stamping metal parts

        We can stamp a wide range of metal parts according to your requirements. We can carry out the work with your existing stamp or we can produce the required stamp. In case of large quantities of parts, we produce the stamp free of charge. Please contact us with your specific requirements for prices.

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          Cutting stoneware tiles

          Cutting work is carried out professionally in the factory, using modern cutting machines. We can therefore guarantee our clients:

          • high cutting accuracy (we cut to within 1–2 mm); perfectly smooth cut edges;
          • high cutting speed.
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            We always strive to provide high-quality service and to meet our client’s needs fully. Here’s what our clients say about our work.

            We have ordered a façade panel cutting service. UAB Deisida carried out the yield calculations and helped us save a lot of money. This is not often the case. Thank you for your sincere help and quality work.

            Jegor Citovič
            Project Engineer at UAB Conresta

            We had ordered the service of stamping metal parts. The work was done honestly, thoroughly, and on time. Highest recommendations!

            Vitalis Slavinskas
            Project Manager at UAB Lemora

            We have completed a number of several projects with UAB Deisida. We finally found a company that cuts bricks with minimal defects. We are very satisfied. Thank you.

            Jūratė Chlevinskienė
            Sales Manager at UAB Agmeka

            This team cuts bricks quickly, efficiently, and at a reasonable price. Thank you! You are doing a great job, keep it up.

            Artūras Grundonas
            Managing Director at UAB Eikos Statyba

            UAB Deisida cut the façade panels for us. The edges were smooth and impregnated and we had no complaints. Thank you! In addition, all the panels were packed according to the drawings. This made the installation process much easier.

            Andrius Paliunis
            Head of Sales at UAB Lemora

            We needed to cut a large number of clinker bricks quickly. UAB Deisida did the job in a few days and to a very high standard. We are very satisfied. Thank you for your prompt assistance!

            Gintas Tvarijonavičius
            Project Manager at UAB Lemora

            Works performed

            With ten years of experience, we offer precision cuts, perfectly smooth edges and sides, and optimized yield, so our clients can enjoy a perfect result.