Cutting stoneware tiles

The shapes we cut:

  • straight cut;
  • diagonal cutting;
  • notch;
  • cutting in half (length, height, or width);
  • cutting at 45 degrees;
  • calibration.
  • We also like to make custom orders. Contact us!

We cut professionally, using industrial machines

Cutting work is carried out professionally in the factory, using modern cutting machines. We can therefore guarantee our customers:

  • high cutting accuracy (we cut to within 1–2 mm);
  • perfectly smooth cut edges;
  • high cutting speed.

We guarantee short deadlines

The capacity of the equipment used for cutting not only ensures the quality and accuracy of the cut but also the speed.

Packaging, transport, and storage

We pack the prepared and washed tiles on separate pallets in the correct order, marking the parts of the façade drawings on the packaging. This makes it much easier and quicker to cement them.

If necessary, we can deliver the tiles to the required location for an extra charge. We offer a free storage service for the week before and the week after cutting. Additional storage is available for an agreed fee.


The price of tile cutting is negotiated individually. Contact us!